The ‘devil’ football coach who abused young girl described as ‘monster’ while in jail


Wesley Shore, 39, cynically ‘manipulated’ the girl into drunken asking her to go to bed with him, Hull Crown Court heard

Wesley Shore admitted three sexual assault offenses against a child under 13

A sick football club coach who sexually abused a young girl has been called a “freak” and “devil” by his mother.

Wesley Shore, 39, cynically “manipulated” the girl, drunkenly asking her to sleep with him.

He kissed and hugged her and told her he was “totally in love with her” and that she would be his future wife, a court said.

Shore, of Hull, admitted three offenses of sexual assault on a child under 13, two offenses of invitation to sexual activity and one of encountering a child as a result of sexual care.

Richard Thompson, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court that Shore volunteered, but not in an official capacity, at a football club.

The court heard how the girl stayed at Shore with a friend several years ago, Hull Live reports.

Shore touched the girl intimately, the court heard



The 39-year-old was called a ‘monster’ by the girl’s mother



He got drunk and, while the girl was wearing a club soccer jersey, kissed her and touched her intimately.

He also committed other sexual acts with her.

Shore then contacted her and they exchanged phone numbers. He regularly sent her messages and asked her to send him a “surprise”.

The girl sent her a picture of herself in a sports bra. “He told her if anyone found out he would be in a lot of trouble,” Thompson said.

They talked about sexual activity and he said he couldn’t have full sex with her because he didn’t have a condom. They met on a track near her home.

“He pulled her towards him and kissed her but they were interrupted by a member of the public,” Mr. Thompson said.

Shore manipulated and frightened the girl, the court said



Shore touched her on another occasion and kissed and hugged her. He asked her to go up to bed, but she didn’t want to.

“She was afraid of that prospect,” added Mr. Thompson.

Shore told the girl that she was “beautiful” and that he was “totally in love with her”. He called her his future wife and told her to delete his messages.

The young girl later said that she was really upset and panicked about what had happened. She was crossing the road now if she saw a man walking towards her.

His family had given him a new phone with a tracker on it.

Mark Savage, mitigating, said: “These infractions took place over a short period of time. He responded very inappropriately.

“He cannot offer any explanation or excuse for what he did and did not seek to do.

“He has had time to think about his behavior. His apologies are sincere and deep.

“There is no pattern of similar behavior, nothing on his cell phone to indicate that he searched for other young women.”

Shore said, “I realize the impact of my behavior. I hate myself for what I’ve done.

“It taught me not to drink so much and it taught me a hard lesson.”

Judge Sophie McKone told Shore: “You groomed and manipulated this girl for your own selfish sexual desires. She had bad dreams because of what you did.

“Your behavior towards her had an effect on her and her family.”

Shore was jailed for two years and eight months and received a Sexual Injury Prevention Order for an indefinite period. He has to register as a sex offender indefinitely.

After the hearing, the girl’s mother, who is from Hull, said outside the courtroom: “He’s a monster but I think that monster is too kind a word for him. He’s just like the devil, isn’t he?

“He lashes out at young children. He manipulated her and scared her.

“She was too scared to tell me anything. I got what I want – him in jail.

“It’s been a long, drawn-out affair. I’m confident he’s going to get his come-uppance.

“What I mean about her isn’t printable, it really isn’t.”

The girl’s grandmother said that the life of the girl and her mother had been “hell”.

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