The era of influencers? Influencers will disrupt the advertising market in Southeast Asia and the world

The digital age has caused a paradigm shift in the way things are done today. In addition to empowering people, the Internet revolution has reformed the way businesses interact with consumers and sell their products and services to consumers.

For years, companies have coughed up huge budgets to advertise their products or services on billboards, radio, and television to attract customers.

In a market suffocated by many similar products, companies have sometimes outbid each other with very high budgets to obtain the best advertising placement to attract as many people as possible.

This competition also meant that the biggest spenders stayed on top of advertising, sometimes supplanting smaller or newer companies. An example could be Coca-Cola Co. KO and PepsiCo Inc. DYNAMISMwhich has consistently outperformed other players in the soft drink industry.

Over the past seven years, Coca-Cola has spent on average $4 billion a year in advertising worldwide. Spending in the United States accounted for more than 20% of that cost, totaling $913 million in 2018. Few companies can match that budget.

But things may have changed and a new advertising model – advertising or influencer marketing – has emerged to potentially disrupt the industry.

Today, influencer marketing is an almost mainstream form of marketing and is creating more buzz than ever.

What is Influencer Marketing?

There is a school of thought that influencer marketing is a new take on the old technique of asking for celebrity endorsements, but there could be more.

Influencer marketing is a way for businesses and brands to promote their products and services to consumers through influencer recommendations. This usually includes creating content or promoting the brand by the influencer to their followers.

On many metrics, influencer marketing has been more effective than traditional forms of advertising. It has helped businesses increase brand awareness, penetrate markets and reach new audiences with less budget, especially as Google Ads — Alphabet Inc. GOOGL or other social media platforms become more expensive.

Use influencers to improve marketing

Founded in 2010, a regional Southeast Asian technology-based digital media company has built a business on this influencer advertising model.

Company Pass Inc. wholly owned subsidiary, Thoughtful Mediaidentifies opportunities in growing global markets and provides solutions powered by social media and social commerce.

According to thoughtful media, what are its selling points?

  • Leaders in media and content solutions, having executed millions of dollars in advertiser-branded content
  • Innovators in the Multi-Platform Networking (MPN) industry, deploying thousands of videos that have generated billions of views on the most popular social media video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook — Meta Platforms Inc. META
  • Experienced Asian content producers, digital media and product developers.
  • Develop and launch brands in the valuable markets of Southeast Asia, China and the United States.
  • A leading power plant in the United States, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

By tapping into the best and brightest social creators and influencers available, Thoughtful provides brands with unique opportunities to build authentic, genuine and effective connections.

The company prides itself on breaking with standard advertising norms by connecting consumers with people they love, relate to and trust, while elevating brands in the minds of consumers around the world. whole in a way that goes far beyond the simple message.

As part of its efforts to build the next generation digital ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Company Pass Inc. SOPs acquired Thoughtful Media earlier this month to seek to build a leading digital advertising platform for Asia.

Partnership is another step in SoPaThe quest to expand to more than 10 subsidiaries by the end of 2022 and hopefully cement its place as a major acquisition-driven e-commerce player in Southeast Asia after the acquisition recent Gorilla networks.

The company operates in seven distinct verticals: loyalty, merchant software, lifestyle, food and beverage, telecommunications, digital advertising and travel.

SoPa currently provides merchants #HOTAB Bize-commerce lifestyle through Leflair.comonline restaurant delivery service via Handycart.vnshopping delivery via and Gorilla networksa blockchain/web3 enabled mobile virtual network operator based in Singapore.

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Featured photo by Thoughtful Media.

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