The government will mark the fertilizer subsidy as a PM program | Latest Delhi News

The Union government has decided to brand the Center’s fertilizer subsidy scheme as a Prime Minister’s scheme, naming it “Pradhanmantri Bharatiya Janurvarak Pariyojana”, according to a notification from the Fertilizer Ministry on Wednesday, seen by HT.

Packaging bags of various crop nutrients purchased by millions of farmers across the country will also have a new uniform logo and design, according to the notification. Fertilizer manufacturers will be required to prominently display the new program name on their packaging.

Under the federally subsidized program, the Union government reimburses fertilizer companies for selling their products to growers at below-market prices.

This grant was 1.62 lakh crore in 2021-22 and is expected to hit a record high 2.50 lakh crore in 2022-23 due to soaring international prices. India depends on imports to meet domestic demand for many of the essential crop nutrients, such as DAP.

According to the notification, which contained standard operating procedures (SOPs) for fertilizer companies, the branding of subsidized fertilizers will feature the words “Pradhanmantri” (Hindi for Prime Minister) and “Bharat”.

Two-thirds of the surface of the top half of a bag of fertilizer will be used for the grant scheme’s official branding as a Prime Minister’s Scheme, under new packaging standards. A fertilizer company can use the remaining third-party area for its own logo and branding as well as printing other product information, the notification says.

“The single brand name for Urea, DAP, MoP and NPKs etc. would be Bharat Urea, Bharat DAP, Bharat MoP and Bharat NPK etc. respectively for all fertilizer companies, business entities (STE) and Fertilizer Marketing Entities,” the notification reads. . He further adds, “A logo indicating the fertilizer subsidy scheme, namely Pradhanmantri Bharatiya Janurvarak Pariyojana, will be used on the said fertilizer bags.”

The new fertilizer subsidy scheme will also be known as “One Nation One Fertilizers (sic)”, according to the notification. Crop nutrient companies will have a deadline until December 31 to use up all old packaging bags.

The notification released on Wednesday includes detailed SOPs and sample designs of new packaging bags for various fertilizers such as urea, DAP and MoP.

“New bags will hit the market in October and there should be enough time to make the change,” said a fertilizer company executive, speaking on condition of anonymity.

India, the world’s largest buyer of urea and diammonium phosphate, has been hit by a sharp rise in global fertilizer prices due to supply disruptions. More expensive raw materials, higher transportation costs as well as tighter coal and natural gas supplies due to the war in Ukraine are expected to keep fertilizer prices high this year.

The Union government has already increased fertilizer subsidies twice this fiscal year.

For the current kharif from June to September or the summer sowing season, the government has approved a subsidy of 60,939.23 crore including native fertilizer support and transportation subsidy.

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