The GSA is the best agency for publicly available supply forecasts

The General Services Administration ranked first in the availability of web-based forecasts that offer entrepreneurs an overview of the agency’s anticipated needsaccording to a new report from the Professional Services Council.

The latest news from the PSC Federal Activity Forecast Dashboard reviewed 15 key performance indicators of publicly available data from 62 federal agencies as of early 2022 or the second quarter of the government’s fiscal year.

Some of these attributes that support the decision-making process of potential bidders include an expected solicitation release date, award type and project description as well as a contact number.

The board found that the GSA offers several options for seeking projections of specific contract opportunities through an “acquisition gateway” platform.

The PSC gave 17 agencies a “good” rating on the scorecard this year, compared to 15 agencies that received the same rating in the trade organization’s 2021 report.

US Navy and Marine Corps acquisition commands received honorable mentions for their work to improve business opportunity forecasting, the report noted.

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