The Scientissimum Agency has announced that it is celebrating a milestone in the transformation of local and global healthcare

NEW YORK, NY, March 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Scientissimum LLC. announced that it was celebrating a milestone in the transformation of local and global healthcare. In 2017, Scientissimum was started by New Yorkers Emil Zhalmukhamedov and Christopher Magloire, out of a desire to improve global healthcare. Fast forward to 2020, Scientissimum has transformed into a medical marketing and business development agency that helps international and local healthcare institutions. The company contributes to healthcare by focusing on evidence-based practice. According to Emil Zhalmukhamedov – “What makes Scientissimum unique is that we get to know a medical practice or company personally and implement proven marketing strategies, using scientific publications to guide our implementations.”

Through Scientissimum, we publish scientific research articles, implement marketing and business development strategies, mentor new generations of healthcare professionals, and volunteer in underserved and rural communities. As active advocates for accessible Global Surgery, Emil Zhalmukhamedov and Christopher Magloire contribute a portion of the profits from the projects to Global Surgery, while giving back to underserved communities. Scientissimum has collaborated with organizations such as Global Neurosurgery, Global Surgery Student Alliance, Brain & Spine Group, and Treat the Stroke Foundation. Every year, Scientissimum hosts a food drive to help support New York’s homeless population. Currently, the Scientissimum team consists of 14 international medical professionals specializing in neurosurgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, cardiology and more. The agency’s network extends from the United States to countries such as Taiwan, Panama, Germany, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan and Pakistan. Scientissimum projects have been presented at prestigious neurosurgical congresses, global surgical hackathons, and local medical centers. Recently launched projects by Scientissimum include but are not limited to Pantheon Surgical – Spine technology, Ivan Neurosurgery and the Tumor Net initiative led by Dr. M. Ivan and Max Cacchione MBA from the University of Miami and more.

Scientissimum is an evidence-based marketing and business development company that also publishes research, volunteers in underserved areas, and medical students. Launched in 2017 as a global surgical student project, the company has grown to become the authoritative healthcare business agency.

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