This Week in Texas: A panel of experts from Houston, Dallas and Austin examines political advertising

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) — As Election Day approaches on November 8, This Week in Texas takes a look at the world of political advertising.

From television to web ads to old-fashioned door knocking, candidates have countless ways to try to reach voters with their messages.

On this week’s show, ABC13 reporter Tom Abrahams talks to experts in Houston, Dallas and Austin about the science behind political advertising.

What defines the cost and strategy of each candidate’s ad?

Among the experts is Daron Shaw, a professor of government at the University of Texas-Austin and a former campaign consultant.

“The trick is knowing what is the best forum, the best platform to reach young voters whose participation is much more variable and for whom we don’t have much on the best ways to meet them,” Shaw said.

“Some people think it’s text. Some people think face-to-face contact can be problematic with a large residential population, so the simple answer is it’s complicated.”

Also listen to Cal Jillson, science professor at Southern Methodist University, and Mustafa Tameez, former political consultant.

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