Time Machine: 40 Years Ago Vail Associates Planned ‘The Biggest Advertising Campaign Ever’

An advertisement scheduled for the November 1982 issues of the nation’s major ski publications featured the slogan “The Vail Valley. There is no comparison”.
Vail Daily Archive

5 years ago

October 25, 2017

The City of Vail has made budget plans to create the two-person Vail Housing Department, doubling the number of people working solely on housing in the city, the Vail Daily reported.

The new housing service would include a director and an administrative person.

“Much of the city’s housing development work was done for some time by Vail Community Development Department Director George Rather – along with his other responsibilities,” the Vail Daily reported, quoting the director of City of Vail, Greg Clifton.

“That’s a lot for one person,” Clifton said. “It’s not a lasting arrangement.”

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10 years ago

October 27, 2012

Vail Mountain’s new Gondola 1 has been progressing rapidly in recent weeks and is set to open Nov. 16, the Vail Daily reported.

The gondola was reported to reduce travel time to Mid-Vail by 1.5 minutes and increase climbing ability by 20%.

“The name of Vail’s new gondola, which is still called Gondola 1 commemorating Vail’s original gondola at this location, has yet to be announced,” the Vail Daily reported.

20 years ago

October 25, 2002

Vail City Council has upheld the Vail Planning Commission’s decision to approve a development plan for the 142-unit affordable housing project in Middle Creek.

Council rejected a $23 million project appeal, which alleged that construction of the Middle Creek housing project would lower property values ​​and reduce the quality of life for adjacent homeowners.

30 years ago

October 14, 1992

The 12-year Glenwood Canyon project has been officially completed, with Governor Roy Romer cutting the ribbon on the Hanging Lake Tunnels, the final leg of Interstate 70 in Colorado.

The 12-mile project began in western Eagle County near Dotsero and ended in the town of Glenwood Springs in Garfield County.

“Romer said this freeway project has demonstrated that ‘we can have it both ways,’ according to Transportationhistory.org.” He further noted, ‘We can preserve the environment of the past, create architectural monuments of the present and set an example of how to do so in the future.”

40 years ago

October 15, 1982

Vail Associates was planning, as the Vail Trail reports, “its largest advertising cap ever,” a $450,000 effort that included ads in the November editions of national ski publications and on Denver television stations.

The Trail quoted Charlie Maas, director of advertising and public relations for Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek operations.

“The new ad campaign is aimed at selling the Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek ski resorts as one entity, Maas said, under the title ‘Vail Valley,'” according to the Trail.

“We want to unite the valley,” Maas said. “The best thing we can do for the Valley is a Valley-wide advertising campaign.”

50 years ago

October 13, 1972

The Vail Trail, quoting State Game Manager Wayne Sandfort, said big game hunting in Colorado should be good to excellent through the rest of the fall.

“Air game numbers in elk tree areas indicate that there are more elk in Colorado this year than at any other time in history,” the Vail Trail reported.

October 27, 1972

The Eagle-Piney Water Protection Association became the Colorado Rivers Council in an effort to allow the organization to function as an environmental group allied with organized recreational and agricultural interests.

The EPWPA helped defeat a $200 million Denver Water Board bond issue that sought to create a 40,000-acre water storage area in the Piney Lake area, a move that proved the group is “a viable organization with a proven track record,” the group said. President and Founder, Roger Brown.

60 years ago

October 25, 1962

Homer Righetti, 58, of Cayucos, Calif., became Eagle County’s first big game season casualty in two years, the Eagle Valley Enterprise reported.

“Mr. Righetti’s body was found lying in a rocky area of ​​Mount Adam on Monday afternoon by his hunting partner, Richard Hilliard, also from Cayucos,” the Enterprise reported. mountain, a short distance from the branches of Brush Creek Mr. Hilliard said he missed his partner, called him several times and, when he got no answer, went back on his trail and found Mr. Righetti lying on the rocks Hilliard thought he had fallen and hit his head on a rock.

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