Titletown Mailbag: Rasul Douglas Free Agency, Jordan Love Future and more

Welcome to the Zone Coverage Packers weekly mailbag, where I try to answer all of your burning NFL and Green Bay Packers related questions, submitted via Twitter to @m_widmeier.

Rasul Douglas was a game-changer and should be a top priority for the Packers. What are the chances of him coming back?

At his last press conference of the year after Green Bay’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Rasul Douglas gave a very intriguing answer about wanting to return to the Packers after the year he reunited.

When asked if it would take much more than the veteran minimum he earned this year to return, Douglas replied, “Probably a little more but nothing crazy.”

He also reiterated that he and the Packers now have unfinished business.

“Everyone knows I want to be here,” he said.

“I have built a family here. We still have unfinished business. Of course I want to be here, but I don’t think that’s my decision.

Although he was a game changer and had several returned interceptions for touchdowns with a game closer against the Arizona Cardinals, finding the right number can be tricky. Although Douglas said it wouldn’t take anything crazy, his agent might have other plans.

Cornerback is a weakness for the Packers in terms of depth going into the offseason. They only have three on the roster, but the talent is as good as it gets with Eric Stokes and Alexander Jaire. Recovering Douglas would create one hell of a trio. As for the chances of that happening, Douglas is hard to predict considering he was an addition to the practice squad during the year and continued to be brilliant. I believe Green Bay will somehow bring him back on a team-friendly deal.

If (Aaron) Rodgers returns, what does that mean for Jordan loveis the future?

A lot depends on what Rodgers decides, and no one can be more affected by that decision than Jordan Love. If Rodgers returns, it’s hard to imagine Love agreeing to sit out for a third straight year.

Love is not someone who was selected assuming he would be a strong replacement. He was not a mid-round selection. Green Bay selected Love in the first round and even traded to do so. Rodgers’ return should almost spell the end of Love’s time with the Packers.

Rodgers’ return would almost certainly mean a contract extension to keep him in Green Bay for another two or three years. At this point, they would have passed the point of no return with Love, and it would be hard to blame him for being frustrated. Why would he want to be a substitute for another two years? It wouldn’t make sense for the Packers either.

If Rodgers returns, don’t be surprised if Green Bay tries to trade Love for a pick and send him to a team that’s considering giving him a shot at running the show. The jury is still out on Love. Anyone on the outside claiming he’s a bust or will be a suitable starter really has no idea at this point. The only certainty is that a Rodgers return would mean Love never gets the chance to be the guy from Green Bay.

Is it painful for anyone else to see pictures of the Pro Bowl coaching staff?

I feel safe saying that the entire fanbase echoes that feeling of pain.

The Packers Twitter account posted photos of the Green Bay coaching staff at the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas prepares to coach the NFC in the game scheduled for Sunday. Honestly, I had to look up what day the game was because the Pro Bowl has become such a joke. The same goes for the Packers in big playoff games.

Seeing Matt LaFleur in blue gearing up for this laughable display is nightmare fuel for any Packers fan. They should be preparing for the Cincinnati Bengals and making travel plans for Los Angeles, but instead they will be watching from home.

Seeing Packers staff in the Pro Bowl puts salt in the wound. The obvious jokes paved the way for everyone, even Green Bay fans. The Pro Bowl practice is just the icing on the cake of what ended up being another hugely disappointing end to a season with sky-high expectations.

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