US Aviation Agency investigates Branson Virgin Galactic flight hijacking


The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Wednesday it was investigating a deviation in the flight descent of the Virgin Galactic rocket plane that carried British billionaire Richard Branson to edge of space on the 11th. July. New Yorker magazine earlier reported that the regulator was investigating an off-road raid. An FAA spokesperson told Reuters that the vehicle “deviated from its air traffic control clearance upon return to Spaceport America. The FAA investigation is ongoing.”

Virgin Galactic acknowledged in a statement to Reuters that “the ultimate flight path deviated from our original plan”, but added that it “did not fly outside the lateral limits of protected airspace” . The company stated that “the flight descended below the altitude of the airspace…” for a short distance and a time (1 minute and 41 seconds) before re-entering the restricted airspace.

He added that “at no time did the ship travel over a population center or pose a danger to the public.” The company said it was “working in partnership with the FAA to manage the airspace for future flights.” Virgin Galactic said that “when the vehicle encountered high altitude winds that altered the trajectory, the pilots and systems monitored the trajectory to ensure it remained within mission parameters.”

The New Yorker reported that during the flight a red light flashed on the console from the vessel, indicating a “Descent Cone Warning at Entrance”. Virgin Galactic said “at no time were the passengers and crew endangered due to this change of course.” Branson, one of six Virgin Galactic employees who participated in the flight, flying away plane-2021- 07-11, more than 50 miles above the New Mexico desert, in July touted the mission as a forerunner of a new era in space tourism and said the company he founded in 2004 was about to start commercial operations next year.

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