&Walsh unlocks the ‘stuffy’ world of wine with the Stompy brand

The playful brand of personalized subscription service hopes to show a different side to the world of wine.

New York studio &Walsh has launched personalized wine subscription service Stompy, which hopes to inspire people to “sip more and snub less”.

Stompy offers a range of international small farm wines and matches the bottles to your taste profile. You can also set preferences for purchase choices, choosing natural, vegan, or organic wine.

“The whole visual language is very simple,” says &Walsh founder Jessica Walsh, explaining that the branding work aims to challenge the “stuffy, snobbish stereotypes surrounding wine and instead open the right wine to more wonderful people”.

The studio designed a series of designs, an animated logo, and packaging elements for the subscription service. The name Stompy comes from the art of grape crushing — an integral part of the traditional winemaking process, Walsh explains.

She says the team was particularly inspired by the “motion and repeat of trampling”, which resulted in a type of extrusion that “repeats and extrudes” when animated. The 3D type is used for the bold wordmark, as well as for copy-through branding.

This idea is further accentuated by branded patterns that reflect the repetitive nature of stomping, according to the designer.

“Buying wine should be as easy and fun as drinking it”

“Our goal was to create a fun language and visuals that anyone could understand, whether they know wine or not,” says Walsh. It’s part of an attempt to make the whole wine-buying process more enjoyable, she explains. Branded artwork is wide ranging, from a solo mug to a fancy wine glass, while photography includes more offbeat images like donuts and roller skates.

Walsh adds, “Often the time spent buying or trying wine is an overly complicated process, riddled with terminology that only a few people understand, and most feel dumb or confused. The process and journey of buying wine should be as easy and fun as drinking it.

The bright color palette, hallmark of &Walsh design, is a nod to the different types of wine and grapes. This is intended to make the selection of choices as clear as possible, says Walsh. There is a pink for rosé, yellow for white wine and blue for sparkling.

Other templates, which take the names of varietals such as red, white or sparkling, are used on the website and on the user interface. They also provided the backdrop for product photography and help guide people navigating the website.

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