Whataburger and Magellan Outdoors team up for a co-branded clothing line


This summer, Sports + Outdoor Academy brand of clothing and camping equipment Magellan outside in partnership with Whataburger to launch an exclusive line of FishGear clothing. From long-sleeved t-shirts and boat shorts to buttons and short-sleeved caps, the range is chock-full of oranges and whites, fries and fish; a perfect way to combine a love of the outdoors with a love of our favorite Texas burger restaurant after a long day at the lake.

“We had fun working with Academy and their brand Magellan Outdoors to design Whataburger apparel, we know our fans will be hooked,” said Rich Scheffler, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Whataburger, in a press release . “We hope our family members and fans enjoy traveling the waterways with some of these brand new items.”

The two beloved brands were both born in Texas: Academy over 80 years ago in San Antonio and Whataburger just over 70 years ago in Corpus Christi. And for the first time in the company’s long history, these two classic characters from Texan folklore have come together in a way that is as we like it.

What makes the Collaboration Collection even better? Orange-colored clothing ranges from $ 14.99 to $ 24.99.

“This collaboration [is] the secret peach trendy sauce, “Academy Sports + Outdoors Senior Vice President of Marketing Lawrence Lobpries said in a statement.” We’re thrilled to pair two iconic Texas brands for a fun summer treat you can only be found at the Academy. “

Available in Texas stores and online at academy.com/shop-whataburger Where shop.whataburger.com. Customers spending $ 20 or more in-store on any new line item will receive a special edition Whataburger and Magellan Outdoors table tent for free, while supplies last.

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