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The massive WhatsApp platform does not shy away from impressing its users with its new features. So far, the platform is not only used for personal use, but has also been made accessible to business users. WhatsApp is testing and rolling out new features that benefit both business and personal users.

The platform has just updated and improved its privacy features for personal users. This gives them more control over their profiles. Last year, reports surfaced that these particular features were in the testing phase. Now the company is finally rolling them out to more users, according to WBI. However, they are only accessible through the WhatsApp beta on iOS and Android platforms. Diving further into these privacy updates, one can notice that they enable more personalized features such as who can access the user’s profile picture and last seen.

Signing up for the beta is not complicated. iOS platforms provide a TestFlight feature that allows its users to register and provide access to beta versions. You can update your WhatsApp through the TestFlight and may be able to use the newly rolled out features later.

How does the new update help users? Prior to this update, WhatsApp’s privacy options were limited to Nobody, My Contacts, and Everyone. This offered no flexibility if you wanted to exclude specific contacts from viewing your stories. However, the new update offers the option My contacts except. You can easily prevent certain people from seeing your WhatsApp stories now. This feature can be useful if you are eager to block your work contacts from seeing your personal stories!

In other news, WhatsApp has also introduced a Communities feature. The group admin has more control over its ins and outs. You can add multiple groups in the community, and admins can send a single message to everyone included in it. Some reports mention exciting developments taking place within the walls of WhatsApp. Apparently, the platform is increasing the limit on the number of files shared at once, new and improved reactions to messages, and allowing up to 32 people in a group call simultaneously.

Moving on to the business part of WhatsApp, the platform brings tremendous improvements to market your business more effectively. Previously, the platform gave its business user the ability to manage their customers’ orders within the app. This reduces the hassle of having to use an external app to log your orders and their status. Now they allow their users to showcase their company branding on a cover photo. The feature, for now, is in the testing phase and has only been rolled out to a few select beta users. As mentioned earlier, you can always sign up for new features through beta channels if you’re in a hurry. Yet, according to WhatsApp updates, it won’t be long before this feature is available to everyone.

New updates are not necessarily designed to meet everyone’s needs. Still, they are a significant enhancement to the platform’s brand image. Many users, especially business-related ones, will be more likely to prefer WhatsApp as their main source of activity.

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